As an independent consultant I can offer the following range of services. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any proposals.


As an experienced deliverer of training either in a small group or large group setting we can offer tailor made or off the shelf training sessions for your chose audience. Sessions will be specified to meet your need with clearly defined learning outcomes and different approaches to accommodate for various learning styles. Please see our previous experience pages for examples of training delivered to date.


As an Information Consultant we can offer technical consultancy in the following areas;

  • Data Protection & Privacy (Europe, Middle east & Africa).
  • Open Government legislation including Freedom of Information & Environmental Information Regulations.
  • Information & Records Management.
  • Information Security policy, procedure, testing and governance.
  • Information Risk Management implementation and overview.
  • Data Governance & Data Management Strategy & implementation.

Speaker Engagements:

Based on the above categories and experience we can deliver speaking engagements on the above topics and formats to suit your need.

Writer Contributions:

I have contributed to a range of publications and online blogs receiving positive feedback and repeat invitations. Based on your requirement and scope I can deliver a high quality informative article tailored to your specific need or target audience as required.

For more details on the services I can offer and quotes please get in touch via


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