IMG_03788I am able to provide training & speaking content on various topics to do with Information Rights & Governance.

Sessions can range in format and style depending on the audience and intended learning outcomes. My style is very informal and relaxed and always starts with gauging the general awareness in the room and then looking to build on that.

I always welcome feedback on the sessions delivered and to date have received positive feedback which I am happy to share.

For queries or engagements you wish to discuss email me at

To date I have given training / workshops in the following areas;

Information: A risky business – an interactive workshop on Information Risk in the public sector including assessing risk, what is ‘risk’ and how best to make risk work. 
Data Guardians of the Information Galaxy
– looking at how Data Guardians can be utilised for both Information & Data Governance purposes.
Permission Impossible – looking at what consents & permissions mean today, how to effectively capture them, and how this is changing under the DP regulation.
The Data Protection Regulation & Records Management – looking at the specific areas of the proposed regulation that will have an effect on Records Management within the UK.
Data Protection Regulation Update – a general look at the various changes pending from the EU on the proposed Data Protection Regulation.
Data Protection – You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato – a jointly run session looking at how Data Protection compliance is managed within the public & private sectors.

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